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Motorcycle Towing

This is another specialty service that we provide at Lexington Tow Truck Service. Motorcycles cannot be moved regularly because there is special equipment that is needed to secure the vehicle. Just like cars, you might need your motorcycle towed for a myriad of reasons. For example, you may be having transmission trouble and must pull over immediately. Also, you may get a flat tire and since motorcycles don’t come with a spare then you will need a tow.
Another reason you might need a motorcycle tow is because you might run out of gas. And leaving a motorcycle unattended is even more dangerous than leaving a car unattended. Typically, when towing vehicles, one wheel is always dragging and one is being pulled. While this method might work for a motorcycle, since the size difference is so vast, you wouldn’t normally see this done. A flatbed truck is often used to transport this type of vehicle as the entire motorcycle can fit onto the flatbed.
In addition to this, special straps and locks must be configured properly so that the motorcycle can stand. Motorcycles are not built to stand on two wheels by themselves so it’s important that we do this right to prevent the vehicle from falling during transportation. These straps and locks act as a seat belt of sorts to keep the vehicle upright, and secure. During transportation of any vehicle it is likely there will be bumps and the unexpected must be accounted for due to the fact we are responsible for moving this vehicle. In accordance with the straps there are also several locks in place to keep the vehicle from tipping during turns or rolling forwards or backwards during a hard stop.
Weather is also a factor that needs to be considered because a motorcycle exposed to the elements is subject to rust and decreased integrity of the vehicle. To combat this our technicians will cover the motorcycle and make sure that all locks and straps are tightened and secure and add a cover to the vehicle to prevent any snow or rain or other threatening weather conditions from compromising the bike. Just like all other vehicles, once picked up they will be transported to where the client has designated that it goes. And just like with all other services, the operation will be conducted swiftly and professionally. Here at Lexington Tow Truck Service we factor in all possibilities and potential problems we could face during the job. That type of thinking allows us to anticipate and prevent further damage and violations of safety. The way we operate with vehicles like this is to provide our client with outstanding client service but also protect vehicle from further damage.

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