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Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

There are few things more bothersome than someone illegally parking in your spot. If you live in an apartment complex and you have assigned parking spots and for any reason this is violated, give us a call and we’ll be able to remove the vehicle in a timely manner. The service isn’t limited to apartment complexes, if you own a private lot and have violators we also can service your needs. For example, if you live near a stadium or concert hall and you have people trespassing in your lot you can call us and we will remove the trespassing vehicles.

Another example is if you own a business and you have cars that use your lot to park overnight, or people who are violating your parking lot rules these are all things that we can take care of at your discretion. We also will remove cars that are illegally parked in front of houses in residential areas or businesses. This also includes any vehicles that does not comply with citation codes. This service is not limited to just one type of vehicle. If there are any type of vehicles illegally parked in a spot or lot of yours, all vehicles can be

For example, if there is an RV that has been sitting in your lot for a couple weeks and the owner hasn’t returned then that’s a good reason to give us a call. If someone with a big rig parks in front of your property, our heavy-duty tow trucks are prepared for such tasks.
Abandoned Cars
Another problem we take care of is abandoned cars. If you are ever driving down the road and see an old abandoned car that’s always there, you can give us a call to have it removed. Also, this applies to business owners as well, if someone left a car in your lot and you want it gone, for an affordable price we will come take care of it. If you have an old car that you know won’t get fixed, we can come move it before any citations are issued.

The same works for any totaled car that you may have in your driveway. Or maybe you have a neighbor that you know was looking to junk their car for some cash. Our flatbed trucks can safely and securely transport the vehicle from your lot or garage to the junk yard of your choice at a competitive rate. For clients that have heavy duty abandoned vehicles that need to be removed we also offer this service. Unlike with smaller vehicles, for heavier vehicles we must use specialized equipment in order to remove these types of vehicles in the safest and most efficient way.

​This is also true for any abandoned motorcycles, we have flatbed tow trucks equipped with special locks and straps necessary for safe transportation of the motorcycle. What also makes this service great, is the affordability of the service.

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