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Heavy Duty Towing

For those clients that don’t have the traditional small vehicles and have larger, wider, heavier vehicles we use our heavy-duty vehicles for towing. The reason we use different vehicles is to compensate for the weight or bulk of the vehicle that needs to be moved. Some of the types of vehicles that we move with heavy duty equipment are explained in the subheadings below.
Big Rigs
            If you need your big rig towed then look no further. Not only do we have the equipment to move these type vehicles but also the necessary skills and experience to do this type of job with precision and speed. With jobs like this, safety becomes an even bigger issue than with other vehicles because the vehicles are expensive and improper handling of these vehicles can lead to major damage.
            Just like with big rigs, buses also pose a unique challenge to towing because of the shape and length. Most people overlook the amount of weight being towed but our professional technicians take such things into account and make sure not only are the buses secure but make sure they stay secure during the transportation of the vehicle. Another important thing that our technicians watch out for is the combined maneuverability of the tow truck and bus. This is important to ensure the safety of others on the roadway when the vehicle is being transported to a garage or shop.
            If you have a trailer or motor home that needs to be moved we also can accommodate those needs with our heavy-duty trucks. We know that a trailer is your home, and with these types of jobs we provide your trailer with extreme delicacy as well as regard for the property inside the trailer. Client satisfaction is mandatory in our line of work, and the last thing we want to do is destroy someone’s home or property.
Construction Equipment
            Construction business owners can also inquire us about moving any equipment for them. Whether it’s a tractor you need moved or some crane equipment all can be handled with swift efficiency. Business never stops and we know you have job sites that you must get to. We understand this, which is why we guarantee to move quickly definitely following all safety procedures to not destroy your equipment, or delay your equipment to your next job site.
            Another type of equipment that we move is cranes, and this provides the most challenge, because of the shape, length, and weight. Simple miscalculations can prove disastrous during transportation. Therefore, our technicians are trained the way they are to ensure these things don’t happen. Most heavy equipment we move without a hitch so our experience makes us best suited for the job.

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