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Flatbed Towing

This is a special type of tow service since certain type of vehicles is towed this way. Although we service a wide range of clients and vehicles we have certain type of equipment for each type of vehicle that we service. As with most jobs, different tools for different situations and it’s no different for this job.
Low Vehicles
            If you have a vehicle that is very low to the ground then this is the way we will transport the vehicle. The reason we do this is because vehicles with lowered suspensions run the risk of being damaged if transported the normal way. The way we do this is by completely taking the vehicle off the ground and having the entire vehicle on the flatbed truck. Not only does this prevent damage to the vehicle but it also ensures the vehicle is safely transported to its destination.
Long Distance
            For vehicles that must be transported over long distances this is also the preferred method. We do this because it puts less strain on the car. This is good to prevent more damage to the car over long periods of time and the most important thing it’s the safest and secure option. Over long periods of time the chance of something happening increases and this option just eliminates that and can give the client a peace of mind.
Expensive Cars
            For clients that have classic cars this is also how we transport these types of vehicles. For obvious reasons, we do this to protect the integrity of the car, as well as ensure these cars are securely transported. Our clients take their cars very serious so naturally we have taken the same amount of care that they would have for their own vehicle.
Totaled Cars
For cars that are totaled completely we also transport them this way. We do this because for one the car can’t move on its own, and secondly when a car is totaled it needs to be in the most secure position as possible. Transportation of totaled vehicles should be taken very seriously because there is a chance debris can still fall off the car and cause further accidents. So, for everyone’s safety we throw totaled cars on the flatbed and move them to the desired destination.
All-Wheel Drive 
            Any cars with all-wheel drive is moved through this method as well. This is done because normal tow trucks pull trucks by their front wheels and let the back wheels roll on the pavement. However, cars with all-wheel drive cannot be transported this way because damage will be done to the transmission and this would make the car even worse and potentially cause unrepairable damage. The damage that would be done would be to the drive train, and depending on the reason you had your car towed in the first place, you could be looking at a very expensive bill.

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