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Accident Vehicle Recovery

Car wrecks are bad enough without any extra problem. But, you can’t always account for what will happen, especially during the actual accident. Depending on the location of the accident there could be hazards in the vicinity. Also, the vehicle could have been flipped and assistance is needed to right the vehicle and then load it up to the tow truck. Another example is the vehicle could have been trapped in a wooded area and needs extraction. These are just a couple examples of situations where a vehicle would need to be recovered. Below are more situations where a vehicle would be recovered.
Totaled Car
            If you were in a wreck where there are multiples parts of the car scattered or pieces that broke off from the rest of the car, then your vehicle will need to be recovered. Also, if your car can’t be drove from the scene it will also have to be recovered and towed to the appropriate place. Totaled cars are cars that have more than 60% damage or have functionality problems. Often totaled cars require recovery but luckily the price for this is affordable and the service is precise and quick.
Stuck in a Ditch
Obviously from the heading if your car is stuck in a ditch then you will need it to be recovered. Here at Lexington Tow Truck Service we’ve seen a few things and we are also experienced at things like this. We understand how to handle situations like this, and we do this while ensuring the safety of all parties involved and any bystanders. More importantly we know how to handle these types of things while being responsible with your vehicle because the last thing you want is more damage to your car.
Trapped in a Wooded Area
            There have been times where an accident occurs near a wooded area or forest and unfortunately not only was the car totaled but it was also wedged between trees. To remedy this problem took great care and skill and after some time the issue was resolved. I add this because driving on the roads you just never know. But you now know that in the eventuality you are in this situation we are experienced in these matters and that can lift some of the burden from your mind.
Stuck in a Water
Having your car get stuck in water sounds like a scene from a movie, but we know this is very much a reality. The key is to have the right equipment to safely recover the vehicle without structurally damaging the vehicle. Sometimes this can prove to be a real challenge, but one thing is for certain it is always done correctly. Care must be taken when locating how deep the car is, what equipment is exactly needed for proper recovery and finding the safest method. Here at Lexington Tow Truck Service, no matter the obstacle our clients’ needs come first and their satisfaction is guaranteed.

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