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About Lexington Tow Truck Service

Since our world is so centered around driving vehicles, accidents and vehicle trouble are just an unfortunate reality of life. That’s why it is always best to have a tow truck company at your service 24/7. On top of that this tow company should be one that provides professional service that abides by all safety regulations. This is what we offer at Lexington Tow Truck Service.

We make it our mission to adhere to our clients needs in a timely fashion which helps to ease our clients mind during these stressful situations. Anywhere you are, you can count on us to be there providing assistance. No matter the conditions, whether it be rain, sleet, or snow we know that you have a family to get home to and we take pride in knowing we can help out with that. When you’re out there on the road it can be easy to lose sight of the dangers of the roadway but, when you have Lexington Tow Truck Service in your corner we strive to provide you efficient service at an affordable rate. That way you get what you need and we get to continue serving the great people of Lexington, Kentucky.

​So next time you’re driving down the road and you get a flat tire, or you swerved off the road and got your car stuck, or you get a little carried away on your motorcycle. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our technicians to you and get the issue resolved as quick as possible.

*We also have a partner company in Australia called Tow Truck Perth.

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